Effortless sustainability with a Scandinavian touch

Opgemärkt is a young, optimistic community that notices positive sustainable initiatives, offers them a stage and makes them available to a wider audience. With an idealistic DIY mindset, we organize accessible activities and stylish products, inspired by the effortlessness of Scandinavia.


Opgemärkt wants to:
  • contribute to the increasing awareness in the field of sustainability
  • counteract the often pessimistic atmosphere that is inextricably linked to environmental issues by showing that there is a young, enthusiastic generation with tons of ideas and innovations.
  • be a meeting place for young, creative entrepreneurs(-to-be), so they can expand their network in an informal way and reach a broad audience
  • explain the idea of effortless sustainability in a fun and creative way to people that are not (necessarily) interested in sustainability


BRON: an interactive and sustainable city map

An online and offline map filled with sustanaible and stylish initiatives in Amsterdam (and later on the rest of the world). It’s a map, linked with an Opgemärkt-classification system, with the best (bio) restaurants, cafés, shops, parks, hubs, hotspots, Scandinavian inspiration, city tours and more. We are developing this map to show which initiatives there are and make them accessible and to show how much fun, how little effort and how hip sustainability is.

TRÄFFs: evenings with inspirational speakers

Since November 2014 we organize TRÄFF's in Amsterdam where we invite young people with interesting, inspirational or creative stories and projects about sustainability in a positive way.


We want to show the world not only how important sustainability is, but also how much fun, beauty and ease come with it. There we are inspired by Scandinavia. They really are much further up North, developing all kinds of inventive ideas (like 100% compostable packaging, how cool is that) and sustainability is seen as something really positive. Moreover, Scandinavians have style - and why shouldn't sustainability be stylish?
Our president lived in Sweden for a year, from where she returned passionate about sustainability. In our current Dutch team we have some Swedish-speaking people and people who have connections in several Scandinavian regions. We also work together with our local heroes in Malmö and surroundings, speaking the language, knowing the city and loving the country.

L E G A L   E N T I T Y

Since February 5th, 2015, we are officially registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as a non-profit organization (voluntary association, vereniging in Dutch). Our legal number is 62592092, which can be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce.



Wij worden enthousiast van enthousiaste mensen en leuke projecten. Heb je een tof idee? Wil je je inzetten voor een duurzamere wereld? Zoek je hulp bij je project? Wil je samenwerken? Aarzel niet en stuur ons een berichtje!

Waar zitten we?

Onze leden komen uit heel het land, maar je vindt ons het vaakst in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam of Rotterdam. Ons kantoor is gevestigd aan de Stadsring in Amersfoort.